Hiwata no Nadoko was created by BaronLuke, inspired by Yandere Simulator. The following teams of hard-working volunteers have made the Bullied Simulator possible.

Animation Team: Lead by Joel Smith. Kgftbz, Sugar, EverydayTurkey.

Art Team: Lead by Generica. EverydayTurkey, Comicer1st, Sugar, Marilee, Nightshade, Phoenix271, Ninty.

Modeling Team: Lead by EverydayTurkey. Tyolyl Schmobop, DWO, kgftbz, Lolitacon.

Music Team: NexTone.

Programming Team: Lead by Kgftbz. Tyolyl Schmobop.

Public Relations Team: Lead by Ninty. DWO, Piper Jones.

Texturing Team: Lead by Pixel Sheikah. Calcium, Asurto, EverydayTurkey, DWO, Tyolyl Schmobop, Karismatic, Kgftbz, LadaSafetyCar, AlexOcreator.

Voice Acting Team: Lead by Ninty. Clare Gundersen. DarkRose-Chan, Generica, Sugar, HonestlyJustRainbow, HoneyLicious, LadaSafetyCar, OhHeckYeah, Phoenix271, Piper Jones, Shadow, Joel Smith.

Writing Team: Lead by LadaSafetyCar. Ninty, Karismatic, Generica, Shadow.


Want to join the Bullied Team? We’re looking for volunteers to help with animating, modeling, and voice acting.

All communication for the Bullied Team is done through the Discord app, where we have our own server.

For general questions about volunteering for Hiwata no Nadoko, please contact our project lead, @BaronLuke#2601.

If you want to volunteer to become an animator, send samples of your animating work to @Joel Smith#8603. Those looking to create models for HNN should send samples to @SweetPotatoes#5264. Anyone who wants to voice act should send a demo reel to @Ninty#2202.