The Bullied Team

Hiwata no Nadoko was created by BaronLuke, inspired by Yandere Simulator.

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Team Members:

The following list is broken up into various development teams. Names in bold signify the team leader.

Animators: Joel Smith.

Artists: Generica, Geordan McDougal, Comicer1st.

Coders: Johny Michelson.

Modellers: Tyolyl Schmobop, TheDarkKnight.

Musicians: Nai.

Public Relations: Geordan McDougal.

Texturers: Tyolyl Schmobop, Generica.

Voice Actors: Geordan McDougal, Adrianna, Ahwev, Akariki, DarkRose-Chan, Generica, Isaak Wells, Jalin Gray,  ManicWednesday, Nai, PeculiarPyro, Phoenix, ShyGamerGurl, tbh.

Writers: LadaSafetyCar, Generica, Geordan McDougal, HonestlyJustRainbows.


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