March 2018 Progress Report

Hey everyone! Pip here with the March 2018 progress report for Hiwata no Nadoko! We've got a few exciting things to talk about this month!

The above video kicks off with a taste of what our music team is creating for us, and I absolutely adore the track that they made me specifically for my progress report videos. I love them. More of this update will be sound based, too, so make sure to check out the video if you get a chance!

To start things off, our modeling team has been working hard on modeling environments that will be featured in the demo. The video includes a quick look at the bedroom environment, which will be Reika's base of operations during gameplay.

As we finish out March and move into April, we'll continue polishing the rest of the Hinode household, as well as adding details to the campus at Yamamura.

We'd like to introduce you to the vocal talents of our four major characters! Instead of reading the names from a list, you can hear them speak for themselves in the video.

Reika Hinode, voiced by Geordan McDougal. Tomiko Sonohara, voiced by Rice.
Aiko Shibata, voiced by Phoenix. Michiyo Kuwatori, voiced by Piper Jones.

The video also features an introduction to the Pomegra N8, which is our in-game phone. The camera mechanic will be featured for one of the storylines, but I use my phone
mostly to keep myself organized. My calendar is packed!

Speaking of organization, we've been doing a lot of administrative
housekeeping this month, including a restructure of our team leadership. The
Bullied Team is now broken down into five categories: coding, sound design, visual
design, writing, and public relations. Each of these teams branch into smaller, more
specific teams. This makes it easier for us to keep development moving forward,
with more direct communication and less cracks for things to slip through. We're
also hoping it'll make it easier for volunteers to connect with the correct
team leaders. If you want to see a more thorough explanation of these changes,
you can check out the new team page on our website!

And while I'm thinking about it, let's talk about volunteering. As mentioned in
our progress report back in February, we are still looking for a character rigger
to help us with our custom character model. If you can do character rigging
and are interested in helping us out, please feel free to contact me on
discord, @itspipster#5918! If you don't do rigging please share this video or our progress report
from February, just to spread the word around! Either way would help us out a
lot. We also need animators, coders, and environment modelers.

That's all I was given for this month, but if you have any questions you can come chat with us on
our discord server. Thanks for watching, and as always thank you so much for your
support of Hiwata no Nadoko! I'm not just making this game for me, but I'm
really excited to have it put together! We'll see you around!

Paige Guttormson