October 2018 Progress Report

Hello and welcome to the October 2018 progress update for Hiwata no Nadoko. I know it’s been pretty quiet here, so I want to give you guys an update on the progress of our game broken down by areas of development.

Changes to the Team

The Bullied Team has gone through quite a few changes, and if you’re on our community discord server, you may be aware of some of these changes already.

Firstly, the sad departures:

Unfortunately, you’ll notice that this progress update isn’t a cheery video edited by the lovely Pip. Due to her other responsibilities, Pip made the tough decision to leave the team. If you still wanna chat with Pip, she’s present in the community server as a member of the community, just like all of you! Pip’s PR responsibilities have been taken over by yours truly, Geordan!

Our writing leader LadaSafetyCar also had to step away from the project due to work responsibilities. We’ll miss his talent, but we’re forging on ahead. The writing duties have been divided between Geordan and Generica.

But it’s not all bad news! We’ve had a few additions to the team, as well.

GregoGC has joined the team as a second composer, so he and Luan have been forging on with developing the game’s soundtrack.

Lexi, TheDarkKnight, Silversky, and Pinfel have all joined the visual design team. They’re helping us out with the modeling, texturing, and animation of the game.

Visual Design

Now, we’ll focus on the development of the game’s visuals. From the artistic viewpoint, you’ll see that our website has gotten a fresh new visual overhaul, complete with brand new character art of our main cast. We’ve also got a fresh new logo and splash art for the website. All of this artwork was done by our Head of Visual Design, Generica.

For the in-game elements, progress is moving forward on the control rig of our character model. Our decision to not use the Aoi model has provided its own host of hurdles, but we’re steadily working through them. The major issue has been the animation of our character model, as it didn’t originally have a control rig. Silversky has been working hard on making sure we have a custom rig for animation, and though there’s still some kinks to work out, we’ve made tremendous leaps and bounds since his arrival on the team.

Likewise, our visual design team has been working on environmental models, as well as some accessories for our student body, and it’s here where you can see our unique art style created by Generica. Enjoy these images of what we’ve been cranking out:

(if this slideshow doesn’t work, please message me on discord, Geordan McDougal#2202.)


Despite the departure of our writing leader, our team of writers has been forging ahead. The major scripts for the demo currently total over 4,000 words, and they’re only about half-done. Unfortunately, I cannot show you any of the actual scripts (because spoilers, sweeties), but check out this screencap of the word count. Even I can’t believe how much we’ve written, and I am one of the contributors!  

Screenshot (50).png

Hopefully you all enjoyed this progress update. I’m gonna try to be more on the ball, but I’ll be the first to admit that I am very busy, especially this semester. So please, rest assured that even if we go radio silent, we are still actively developing Hiwata no Nadoko. I promise you guys, as long as I’m working on this game, if we ever decide to cancel or delay the game, you will be informed. Please, don’t listen to any rumors that the game is cancelled if you haven’t received any information from our website, our Discord server, or any of our other official media. I know firsthand the disappointment of waiting for a game that feels like it’ll never come out, and I don’t want you guys to feel like that for Hiwata no Nadoko.

Speaking of our Discord server… These updates are rather time-consuming to write, and even more time-consuming to film (hence why this one isn’t filmed). So, if you’d like real-time updates of the development of Hiwata no Nadoko, consider joining our community discord server! Here’s a direct, non-expiring invite link: https://discord.gg/epBsxPN

As always, thank you for supporting the development of Hiwata no Nadoko!

Much love,

Geordan McDougal

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