Progress Report – 31th March

Hello, everyone! How is going?

The team wanted to keep you informed about what happened during this time.

I can say: a demo is coming soon most likely next month! We just need to do some adjustments.

However, i would like to talk a bit of how the mod will look like.

It is actually WAY more different that the version we showed up on January. I can guarantee the custom school will be present, and more than 30 students will be present at school!

There will be also two bullies already introduced on the Characters page. You’ll be able to take revenge on them!

There’s also a feature i would LOVE to announce. There will be a “Free Mode” where story elements are removed and you can do whatever you want, but not only that, you can make your own students, make personalities for them, make their routines, make their interaction events, and even edit school layout!

That’s all we can say for now! Expect the demo to be epic!

-Bullied Team

Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone!

It has been a lot of time!

Last time, we said we were doing a surprise for you all……

We think you should know what we are doing. Get ready!

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As you can see, school is back! This is just a part of what you can find in Hiwata!

Stay tuned!

-Bullied Team

Progress Report

Hello fans!

It has been a time since our last post!

You may ask, what’s going on right now? Why there are no updates about progress?

We are actually making something more big than we thought. It is something that it will amaze you! However, we wont say what is it, until our surprise is mostly completed! Stay tuned!

Also, the Characters page has been updated with a new character and new illustrations! Check it out!

-Bullied Team