Ijimi Garu is one of the students of Yamamura High School. At first, she was the most popular girl in the school. She had lots of friends, even admirers. However, one day, it changed. Six girls from another high school were transferred to Yamamura High School. They slowly became more popular among students, but still not as popular as Ijimi. So they started gossiping about her to every students they could, until ruining her reputation completely. Ijimi had become the most hated student in the school because of those girls. She became depressed and lonely, she had no one to talk to, and everyone that she walked by made fun of her. The girls bullies her everyday at anytime they feel like it. Ijimi is tired of being pushed around and bullied ! She wants to get revenge.


The protagonist, (Ijimi) has a new appearance and a new uniform. The other students also have new uniforms. At the start of each week, you will learn more about Ijimi’s past. The player will have the choice to brutally murder the bully or simply lure them into a trap. There is no Info-Chan, but there will be a small Easter Egg connecting the two schools (Akademi and Yamamura).


Along with the bullies, they will all possibly have a bully specific elimination method or not. More will be revealed in the future.

Game Versions

There will be three languages for the mod: English, Spanish, and French. The English version will be released first.

Release Date :