Twitter Account + Progress Report- June 1, 2017

Happy June everyone! It’s about that time again, when the grass gets greener, the swimming pools open, and the air is filled with the scent of blooming flowers. That’s right, it’s summer time!

Communicating with our fans and supporters is one of the development team’s top priorities. We strive to take every comment into consideration. A few of you may know that we had a Twitter account in the past, which went inactive after poor management. For those of you that followed our development there, fear not! We have rebooted the account under new management. You can follow our progress on Twitter, @HiwataNoNadoko!

Concerning the release of Hiwata no Nadoko, we are happy to announce that we aim to release a demo by the middle of autumn. However, we anticipate that it could be as early as mid-summer. We deeply apologize for not having the demo out in May, as was originally planned. The bad news is that we simply didn’t finish the demo in time. The good news is, the demo is going to have far more content than was originally anticipated. While it will take a bit longer to implement all the stuff we want to put in the demo, the completed demo will feature one full week of in-game content, with two bullies to interact with.

In other exciting news, YouTuber BijuuMike recently reached out to us concerning the development of Hiwata no Nadoko! We’ll be providing him with early access to the demo once it’s complete, so that he can make a video about our project! He will only receive the demo a couple days early, but if you are eager to see content for Hiwata no Nadoko, make sure to check out his channel!

Our creative team at Hiwata no Nadoko is hard at work on many features and surprises for the game. We’re excited to share all we’ve accomplished once we get everything polished! Thank you for your patience, and thank you for your continued support of Hiwata no Nadoko.

-Bullied Team

EDIT: edited for clarification by Ninty.

23 thoughts on “Twitter Account + Progress Report- June 1, 2017

  1. This is bull shit! We have to wait AGAIN! Even though you said it was supposed to be released at the end of may! Wow, just release it with the freaking school and students and then let us play it like that while you guys get the whole game ready! We are all tired of waiting for this!


      1. I agree with realyandere, its just stupid for you to promise it will be out at the end of may but not release it, im sorry, im just not going to follow this anymore :/


  2. Wait wait wait, why does bijuu get to play it before everyone else? Isn’t that a little under the bridge (unfair) for your fans?


  3. Oh wow, it looks like a lot of hate in the comments, people just need to be patient and wait, well, anyways, when was it supposed to be released? I was confused by this post, is it going to be released in the middle or ending of summer?

    Update: Was your comment true? Only a day or two? If so, thats amazballs!


    1. It will be released sometime in that period. Also Bijuu will get a build a day or two before release of the demo. Which will be VERY soon! Thanks for the help and feedback!


  4. Hello, everyone. I’m another admin of the website, and a member of Hiwata’s development team. On behalf of the team, I wanted to say that we are very sorry we’ve had to delay the demo once more. Originally, we had spread ourselves way too thin trying to prepare for things that were further in the future than the demo. But after a restructuring and refocusing period, the demo has become our #1 priority. The demo will include two bullies, one in-game week of playability. Sincerely, we thank you for your continued support of Hiwata no Nadoko.


  5. Aw man! I saw the edit! ;-; you said mid-summer 😦 But now changed to MID AUTUMN! thats near October, this really sucks bad, i wanted to play it before school came around but i guess not :/


    1. Sorry, that was mainly to clear things up. The LATEST we aim to release the demo is by mid-autumn. We anticipate it could be as early as mid-summer, so the window of possible release is from mid-summer to mid-autumn. When we’re closer to finishing the demo’s development, we’ll have an actual release date.


  6. I can be patient. I hope it´s prepared for the summer, i need to distract myself and this is the perfect game. I cant wait to play the demo!

    Keep working hard! You can!


      1. Read Nintyart´s comment:

        “The LATEST we aim to release the demo is by mid-autumn. We anticipate it could be as early as mid-summer”

        So I hope the build´ll be ready for the summer.


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