Big announcement!

Hello everyone!

Today we have a big announcement!

As of today, the fangame will stop to be what it is, and it will become a real game!

But why do you want that?

Because, with original assets, we can make a game that can be memorable to the players with original game mechanics.

What assets will be taken out of the game?

The assets that they are from Yandere Simulator wont be used anymore, only the Aoi Pack will be in the game (bought from the Unity Store by our team)

Will it be on Steam or Gamejolt?


Will the characters change drastically?

Not to much, they will look mostly the same but with new hair and stuff.

When the game is finished, will it cost money?

Its hard to say now.

Maybe it will cost money, but it would be a very low price so players can actually afford it.

What about the Christmas event?

Sorry to tell this, but it must be cancelled.

We will do a different one at the beggining of 2017

Poal time!

Do you think this is a good idea?


3 thoughts on “Big announcement!

  1. I’m for it. it can be a real game and no longer a fan game.
    it’s not the first game to born from a mod. the famous gary’s mod is born from half life II and like chevalery and team fortress. but there are fully games.

    now let’s see what makes yandere simulator a real game.
    it has a full strory with a really worked and original game play mechanic : hiding for being seen

    Yandere school, which still a fan game of yandere simultor “isn’t” a true game because it’s currently like a copy of yandere simutator with a less pushed gameplay and with carachters not realy attrackting. all you can do in yandere school, you can do it in yandere simulator.

    For hiwata no nadoko, we already have an original story and the main obstacle to make it a true game is making in sort the game play isn’t 99% the same as yandere sim. I don’t think we have any Senpai in the game, but there is missing something in the gameplay you can find in your game and not in yandere simulator. like yandere dev made with hit man.

    So I have as much hope in this game as in yandere simulator, but you’ll have to think of a way to differentiate it to yandere simulator.

    good luck. 😉


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